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Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

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The Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer is a convenient and hygienic way to clean and sterilize your menstrual cup between uses. It is specifically designed to safely and effectively kill any bacteria or germs on the surface of the cup, helping to ensure that it is clean and ready for reuse. To use the Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the sterilizer with water and add the included tablet of sterilizing solution. The water should completely cover the menstrual cup.

  2. Place the menstrual cup in the sterilizer, making sure that it is fully submerged in the water.

  3. Close the lid of the sterilizer and press the "on" button. The sterilization process will take approximately 10 minutes.

  4. When the sterilization process is complete, the sterilizer will automatically shut off. Carefully remove the cup from the sterilizer using the handle on the lid.

  5. Rinse the cup with warm water to remove any residue from the sterilizing solution.

  6. Allow the cup to air dry before storing it in a clean, dry place.

It is recommended to sterilize your menstrual cup after each use to ensure that it is properly cleaned and ready for reuse. The Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer is a convenient and easy way to do this, helping to ensure that your menstrual cup is always clean and hygienic.

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