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Massa nashak Body Wart Removal Lotion 5ml (Pack of 2)

Massa nashak Body Wart Removal Lotion 5ml (Pack of 2)

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Description - Massa nashak (wart removal) Lotion & Creams - Wart and mole removal lotion is a common treatment. Within days, warts and moles can be removed. It is safe to use on the face and necks wherever. It Must Be Applied At The Wart's Tip, Not The Base.

Massa Nashak Lotion by Abhilasha Herbals is a tried-and-true Ayurvedic treatment for warts (massa) growing on the body. Massa Nashak Lotion Is A Highly Effective Medicine For A Cutting-Edge Formula That Quickly Removes Wart (Massa).

How to use - Depending on the body part, leave the medicine on the warts for 5 to 10 minutes, such as 5 minutes around the eyes. Reapply the medication at the same location for five minutes after five minutes. Then, gently massage the wart with coconut oil or ghee and wipe it off with wet cotton or cloth. Keep applying the medication until it is gone. Warts may occasionally turn red and then black as a result. Stop taking the medication when the warts turn black and regularly apply coconut oil or ghee to them. Warts will dry up within two to three days. Apply the medication once more if the warts do not completely disappear; otherwise, do not apply. Apply cotton or turmeric to the warts to stop bleeding if blood comes out of them.

Ingredients -Curcuma Longum (Haridra)25 mgAluminium Sulphas (Shubhra)15 mgAmmonium Chloride(Sal Ammoniac)100 mgCaroxylones Bpetidium (SWARJIKA)500 mgSaturated Solution of talc powder.

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