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Veet Wax Strips for Normal Skin - 20 Strips in a pack

Veet Wax Strips for Normal Skin - 20 Strips in a pack

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Veets full body waxing kit is your answer to a smooth, flawless and hair-free skin. Its easy grip and ready-to-use 20 wax strips are easy to put on and remove without causing much irritation to the skin leaving your skin feeling smooth and flawless as ever.

  • Gives beautiful smooth skin for up to 4 weeks in easy steps in the comfort of your home. Effective at pulling out hair as short as 1.5 mm.
  • No heating, no mess, and gives instantly exfoliated skin.
  • The new Easy Grip tab makes the waxing process more intuitive and simpler.
  • With Aloe Vera & Lotus, well known for its skin moisturising properties; other variants: For normal skin (Sheer Butter and Berries), for sensitive skin (Almond Oil and Vitamin E)
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