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Dabur Amritarishta - 450ML

Dabur Amritarishta - 450ML

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Dabur Amrita Rishta Syrup is used to treat chronic fever, typhoid fever and other infections. It is an innate immune booster and boosts non-specific immunity. It helps the body fight off both bacterial and viral infections. Amrita Rishta is also beneficial for patients suffering from gout, high uric acid levels, rheumatoid arthritis, anorexia, and hepatitis (jaundice).

Key Ingredients: amrita, patala, bilva, gambhari, shyonaka, agnimanta, bruhati, prashniparni, shaliparni, kantakari, jala, gokshura, jaggery, jeeraka, nagara, parpata, katuki, ativisha, saptaparna, pippali, maricha, and self-generated alcohol.

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