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The Beard Story Hair Styling Gel for Men - 100 GM

The Beard Story Hair Styling Gel for Men - 100 GM

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The Beard Story 100 GM

  • Control and condition your hair with The Beard Story Medium Hold Styling Gel that strengthens, tames frizz, and leaves hair smooth and shiny. Medium Hold.
  • Long Lasting Control : The main benefit of using our hair gel is that it gives you control over your hair and your hairstyle. Whether you're putting your hair up into foot-long spikes or you just want to maintain a loose, fresh-out-of-the-shower look, our gel will provide you with that sort of control. Our gel opens up the field and let people access different styles.
  • UV Protection : It protects your hair from harmful UV rays of the sun making your hair stronger.
  • Nourishment : Nasturtium Officinale Extract & Tropaeolum Majus Extract stimulates and prolongs hair growth and strengthens hair from the roots. It also provides the elements needed to produce keratin for solid, well-structured hair.
  • Long Lasting Shine : Our gel will hold the moisture in and would help you with long lasting shine.
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