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Sensotreat Gum Paint for Healthy Gums 30ml Toothpaste (30 ml)

Sensotreat Gum Paint for Healthy Gums 30ml Toothpaste (30 ml)

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Every day, a variety of toxins enter our mouths. Poor oral hygiene, plaque formation, plaque bacteria and acids, chronic dry mouth, a poor diet, smoking, and tobacco use are the main causes of gum disease and tooth decay. Adults are more likely to experience oral issues as they get older, such as chipped teeth, cavities, sensitivity, and sore gums. Our gums stay healthy thanks to Sensotreat Gum Paint for Healthy Gums toothpaste.


  • Sensotreat Gum Paint is a one-of-a-kind blend of astringents that stops bleeding and tightens the gums.
  • It stops salivary bacteria from growing and stops cavities from growing
  • Sensotreat gum paint should be used on a regular basis, especially for diabetic patients who are more likely to develop gingivitis. Sensotreat should also be used regularly to keep your mouth clean.


  • It provides natural, long-lasting fresh breath.
  • It promotes clean gums. 
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