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Pond's Men Oil Clear Face Wash - 50 GM

Pond's Men Oil Clear Face Wash - 50 GM

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Pond's Men 50 GM

POND'S MEN OIL CLEAR Face wash will give you non-oily fresh look through out the day, so you can step out fearlessly. This Summer Season freshen your skin instantly with burst of cooling menthol. The Icy Scrub beads in this facewash will exfoliate the tanned skin cells which will help remove dullness and give a cooling freshness. It will not just help in cleansing Oil but will also remove sweat and dirt from the pores. A formula specially designed for men and their tough skin, the Pond's Men Oil Clear Facewash removes that excess oil from the skin and menthol will leave your skin fresh and cool. Brighten your look with this facewash as it is a one stop solution for your dull and oily skin. Make that first impression in style and confidence with Pond's Men Oil Clear Facewash. This Facewash is best suited for men with oily or combination skin. You can apply it to your face and neck twice a day for the best results. Get the Pond's men oil clear cooling facewash now beat the summer and enjoy better skin, every day. For more cooling and hydrated skin use the Pond's Men ICE BURST Cooling Gel after washing your face.

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