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Nano Pen Spray Hand Sanitizer - 1 N

Nano Pen Spray Hand Sanitizer - 1 N

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Nano 1 N

  • Luxor Nano pen spray hand sanitizer is made with who recommended alcohol-based formula which is anti bacterial
  • Luxor Nano pen spray hand sanitizer comes in a convenient easy to carry pen design that helps protect you when out of home. You can keep it in your pocket, or clip it with your belt loop or bag loop to keep it handy wherever you go
  • Pack contains two pen sprayers which give up to 100 sprays per pen spray. Stay protected for up to 200 instances with this twin pack
  • Refreshing smell: the pen spray hand sanitizer imparts a fresh lemon zest fragrance. Therefore, not only do you get sanitized and germ and virus free hands, but also get a fresh lemony fragrance
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