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LIVEASY Ortho Care Ankle Support - 1 N

LIVEASY Ortho Care Ankle Support - 1 N

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LivEasy Ortho Care Ankle Support is a brace strap that is designed to provide extra support to your ankles. Its splinting and immobilization manage features help to enhance the performance of the ankles and aid in easing the pain and discomfort of an ankle sprain, muscle, or ligament injury, or a fracture.  This gear adds necessary compression to the ankle, which is needed to help speed up recovery from any form of an ankle injury. LivEasy Ortho Care Ankle Support can help to stabilize the ankle, which is why it can help in sports activities and can aid in reducing the possibility of injuries. 

LivEasy Ortho Care Ankle Support can benefit us if we put it on before exercising, jogging, weight-lifting, or playing any sport because it acts as a brace. 


LivEasy Ortho Care Ankle Support is made from breathable material that manages sweating, itching, and foul odour. It can keep the feet dry and clean-smelling.  It is open at the heels to ensure that you do not skid on smooth floors and fall.  LivEasy Ortho Care Ankle Support can fit anyone because it comes in 5 sizes- Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. You need to purchase a size that suits you and wrap it around the ankle and the lower part of the leg and secure it with velcro. 

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