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Nivea Shower Gel Fresh Pure (125ml each) - Pack of 3

Nivea Shower Gel Fresh Pure (125ml each) - Pack of 3

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Nivea Shower Gel Fresh Pure is a shower gel that is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients to help cleanse and refresh the skin. This shower gel is suitable for all skin types and is dermatologist-tested. Its refreshing scent helps to invigorate the senses, making it a perfect choice for starting your day off right.

To use Nivea Shower Gel Fresh Pure, wet your body with warm water. Dispense a small amount of the shower gel onto a loofah or washcloth and lather it onto your skin. Rinse your body thoroughly with water and pat dry. Use the shower gel as needed to cleanse and refresh your skin.

Nivea Shower Gel Fresh Pure helps to cleanse and refresh the skin, leaving it feeling clean, hydrated, and invigorated. Its formula is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making it gentle on the skin and suitable for everyday use. It is a convenient choice for maintaining clean and healthy skin, and its refreshing scent helps to energize and invigorate the senses.

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