What is Tiotropium? Full information, usage, benefits and side effects

What is Tiotropium? Full information, usage, benefits and side effects


Tiotropium belongs to a class of drugs called bronchodilators. Inhaled tiotropium is a bronchodilator drug used to prevent bronchospasm (narrowing of the airways in the lungs) in adults with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), including bronchitis and emphysema. Relax and open the airways to your lungs for easier breathing.


Tiotropium is used during dyspnea to prevent dyspnea from getting worse, not to prevent it from occurring. Use by inhaling by mouth. Onset usually begins within 30 minutes and lasts 24 hours.
Tiotropium inhalation is also used to prevent asthma attacks in adults and in children over the age of 6.
Inhaled tiotropium may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


Tiotropium comes as capsules for use in specially designed inhalers. Use an inhaler to inhale the dry powder contained in the capsule. Tiotropium is usually inhaled once daily in the morning or evening. Take your tiotropium at about the same time each day to help you remember to take your tiotropium. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully and ask your doctor or pharmacist to clarify any areas you do not understand. Use tiotropium exactly as directed. Do not inhale more or less, or more often than directed by your doctor.

Side Effects:

Common side effects include dry mouth, runny nose, upper respiratory tract infection, shortness of breath, and headache. Serious side effects include angioedema, worsening bronchospasm, and QT prolongation. Preliminary evidence suggests no harm during pregnancy, but such use has not been well studied.


Please consult your doctor/physician/specialist before taking any healthcare products. In case of allergic reaction to the medicines/substance, please take immediate medical help.

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